Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Assignment #5 Part 2

Different uses of PLN

I haven't had all the time I wanted to spend on PLN, but from what I learned I will defiantly be using it for my classroom. The tool I liked most was twitter and blogging, when I was able to read other peoples ideas to see how they work differently in their classroom. I cant wait to have my own blog for my teaching ways.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

C4T Summary #4

The last two comment for teachers we got to choose our teacher. The first week I chose Mrs. Cathy Jo Nelson. Mrs. Nelson is a media specialist. Her post was a video about how library's are so important to schools now. She explained how much libraries have changed. They don't just have books and computers to use, but now they have iPads and smart boards as well. My comment to Mrs. Nelson was that I really enjoyed her video. I also said that I wished libraries were updated as much as they are now, compared to when I was in school.

Librarians using iPads

For my final C4T I commented on Mr. Eric Langhorst, a history teacher. Mr. Langhorst posted a beautiful pictures of a sod house in Nebraska with the sunset in the background. I commented on his post and said how much I enjoyed his blog. I explained how I was a big nature and scenery person.

A sod house with a beautiful sunset in the background

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post 14

The magic fairy waving her wond

I enjoyed reading the USA Today article "Teaching our children can be a profession: column", by Mr. Joel Klein. I strongly agree with what he said about there being many thing I would change more than one thing about education.

The first thing I agree with is using technology to improve teaching and learning. There are so many new technological things I have learned in EDM310. There should be no reason why more technology isn't being used in the classroom now a days. You don't have to have a smart board or iPads to be considered caught up. If you have a working computer in your classroom then you have several websites than can be introduced and shared with your students to make learning more interesting.

Also,I agree with Mr. Klein when he says "we've let virtually anyone with a college degree become a teacher". Not everyone was meant to be a teacher. I hear stories now about how some coaches, that teach as well, don't even teach. They let their kids just sit around and play on their cell phones all day. How is that preparing then for college, or better yet the real world.

Finally, I agree with professionalize teaching, and make it a well-respected profession. Now a days students get away with anything. The main problem with that is that their parents let them. Students don't take their teachers serious, but with out school where would you be. People listen to a doctor to learn how and what to take to get over their sickness. So, why wouldn't students listen to a teacher to help them pass the test, or even the class. I believe it is because students know that the teacher has to bas them. So why take it serious, why try?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

C4K summary for November

The first student I was assigned to comment on was Alyssab. Alyssab is from St. Louis. She is currently in Mrs. Akerson fifth grade class. Alyssab blog post was a comparison between an iPhone and animals. She showed the difference between the structures, functions, and symmetry of both. I commented and told her how much I really enjoyed her blog. I also said that that was very observant and a creative observation.

Below is Alyssab's classification tree:

A picture of portable and nonportable devices

For my number nine comment for kids, I was assigned to Savannah S. Savannah is a fifth grader in Mrs. Mena's class. She is from Chula Vista, CA. Savannahs blog title was "Homework folder problem/solution". She explained that if you forget your homework folder you should log onto Edmodo and ask if someone can post the homework. I commented back and told her that that was a great idea. Also, that I wish we had that in my elementary days, because it seems very helpful.

My final comment for kids was Ayleen G. Ayleen is a fifth grader from Chula Vista, CA. She attends Camarena Elementary School, and is in Mrs. Mena's class. Ayleen's post was about Veterans Day. She explained how she was thankful for this day. I commented back to her and said that I was thankful for it as well. I explained how my grandfather was a veteran, and that it was a very good post.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

How Can You Use Technology in Physical Education?

A girl videoing another learning how to set a volleyball

While searching the internet for ways you can use technology, I found this YouTube video, Technology in Physical Education. It is a quick two minute video about how a gym coach uses technology in his lesson plans. He uses iPads for students to video themselves and then play them back to see what they are doing wrong. Also, he lets the kids run around with iPods and the iPod will keep track of their distance, calories burned, and their time. I plan on using these activities while I am teaching.
Another useful activity I have heard about was using iPads for videos. Students can search YouTube for workout videos, cultural dances, and even different types of games. You can make a project out of it, and have the students teach a lesson or game to the rest of the class.

Boy videoing his swing forbaseball

Friday, November 14, 2014

Project 12B

This is Group 7's SMART Board presentation collaborative project. Enjoy!