Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Post 2

What will teaching in the 21st century be like?

1. Mr. Dancealot
The central message of the video Professor Dancealot, is none of the students know how to do any of the dances at the end during the final because they weren't able to practice all of the dances correctly. At the end of the video the teacher makes his case expecting the students to know the moves and proper foot work to each of the dances. That isn't fair because the hole time the teacher was teaching the correct footwork he was behind the desk. Therefore, I do not agree with the conclusion. I feel that students do better when they interact in class, or practice with the teacher to learn how to do the moves right.

2. Teaching in the 21st Century
Robert explains how much easier it is to be a student now, rather than 10 years ago. He believes you must know how to work technology to answer many of your questions or to keep up with society. I also believe that is very strongly true. He also states that "teachers are not the source of knowledge." I feel that he is saying if the teacher dose not explain well enough or the student wasn't sure what the teacher was asking they would simply use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search to help them figure out the problem. I think technology is todays new and improved way of learning for many children.

3. The Network Student
I feel that in The Network Student video, there are several good point made. For instance, the web is a powerful tool for learning in the 21st century. I like how you can see other peoples research and can swap information about the topic. I believe everything is true about why even the Network Student needs a teacher. You have to start to learn somewhere. Also, how to know what is true information and what is false information given out online.

4. Harness your Students' Digital Smarts
Mrs. Davis thesis is great and her way of teaching and is the type of teacher I want to be. She teaches, but also lets the students teach her as well. I like how she doesn't explain everything to her students, as she has them look up whatever they aren't aware of online. It is good that the students from such a small town are able to interact from other students around the world.

5. Whose Ahead in the Race?
Watching the Video was very interesting and informative. Being a junior in college, I know how to do about half of the stuff that the Gulf Shores elementary students were doing. I don't feel that every elementary school students know how to do all that the video showed. It is great that the students are getting the opportunity to start so young to learn the technology. I hope more students can take advantage of this wonderful experience.

6. Bringing the Locker Room into the Classroom
Coaching in the classroom is a great way to get students to motivate and teach each other. The educator, Owens, learned quickly in girls basketball locker room, before a game, that the girls engaged participation and collaboration helped them problem solve, how to win the game. T his leads me that in my classroom I shouldn't always be the center of attention. I should allow my students the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts with the rest of the classroom.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Post 1

I have heard the number one thing about this class, EDM310, is that it requires a lot of work and time. I was unaware that it was a nine hour class, but I am wiling to put in the time for the class. The number one thing people tell me about the class is never to fall behind with the work. Hopefully I will manage my time well throughout the semester and stay ahead of all the work.
I do well working with others for projects as well as class work. This is my first semester at the South Alabama so everything is still very new to me but I am catching on very fast. I have taken computer classes before where we used smart boards and other varieties of media, but this class I expect will be very different and more than likely harder than the others classes I have taken. I will have to take more notes and pay attention to my fullest for EDM310.
I do not have any questions now about the class, but looking at the syllabus I can assure you I will have plenty later on. I am anxious to what I will learn in the class, and the people I will meet at USA and around the world.

Pac Man eating positive working  ideas

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Practice Blog

Macy Roe
About me
My hobbies
Why I want to do physical education
What I will do as an physical education teacher
My goal as a physical education teacher

Hi my name is Macy Roe. I am an only child, and have one dog. My dogs name is Bella, she is a black standard poodle. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. My hobbies are playing volleyball, running, fishing, and hunting. I'm not the best runner out there but if I keep pushing myself I will eventually get to my goal. In the sixth grade I was diagnosed with type one diabetes, it has been a struggle but I have never let it keep me from doing anything. Starting my eighth grade year I began to play volleyball, last year I retired from the awesome game that I love. I still like to go play around or on the sand volleyball court whenever I get the chance. I started going to college at Troy University, then transferred over to Faulkner State Community College, and now I am a junior here at South Alabama.

My major is physical education. I chose physical education because I love sports and being active. I also believe kids should be active, and learn to play with others. Living in the 21 century several things have changed in the school system, not only teachers but students also are getting things like iPads and laptops for learning. My goal as a physical education teacher is for kids to enjoy coming to my class, or when someone ask what their favorite subject is they answer PE like I did when I was a kid.


Source: Photo by John H Strange