Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post 4

In the first article, The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom , by Ben Johnson made very much sense. I he mentioned several good tips, but what I liked the most was how he said to check with your class for feedback. While reading the articles and links Dr. Strange provided for us I learned a lot and had never thought about some of the stuff I learned, such as you do not want to ask more than one question at a time to confuse the students, or to reword the question you gave to the students in case they became confused by the question the first time it was given.
While watching the Youtube video Asking better questions in the classroom I learned the difference between a close ended question and an open ended question. A closed ended question requires a one word answer, but an open ended question leaves respondent for more thinking and more information. To get an answered open ended question you need to add explain, describe, why, or simply make a list when asking the question.
In the other Youtube video I watched, Questioning Styles and Strategies he showed sever different styles of getting the students to answer the questions, such as random calling upon, surveying, and asking for an extending response. After the students answered a question he was sure to give them positive feedback.

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