Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Post #6

Children working on a project to help each other learn

While watching several of the YouTube videos I learned many different things about project based learning. Project based learning is a project assigned at the end of a lesson to show what you have learned and needed to learn. Anthony states in his YouTube video Project Based Learning Part 1 that the goal of a good project is to have the students interest. He also makes a fabulous point to never limit your students, create opportunities for the students to go above and beyond what you would like them to do. I have never heard about iCurio till I watched the YouTube video iCurio: Conversations with Anthony. I learned that it is a website that lets you take notes and keep them in folders so you can come back to them whenever you need. Another great feature is that it is very kid friendly, and it is great for kids who are new to reading because it can read allowed to the student. My favorite thing I learned from Anthony, is the Discovery Ed. This is a great tool for teachers to take advantage of by bringing experts into the classroom and showing educational videos. I think that it is awesome for students to learn by other people or to see different ways of teaching. While watching the video The Anthony - Strange Tips for Teachers Part 1 there were two tips that really stood out to me. The first, was that it is hard work, but will be very rewarding. The second, is you have to be flexible and understanding with all of your students.


  1. Hey Macy!
    I enjoyed reading your post. The two tips you included were some of my favorites as well.
    Project based learning doesn't just have to be the project at the end of a lesson. It can also be a method of teaching the lesson.

  2. " is heard work…" hard, not heard

    Thoughtful. Interesting.

  3. Hi Macy! One of my favorite tools was Discovery Ed as well. I think it will be very useful in the classroom. All of the videos were very informative and I think we can apply everything we learned in our teaching. I agree with Raven that PBL can be used as a method of teaching, not just at the end of a lesson. Other than that, I agree with everything you said. Great post! I enjoyed reading it.