Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project 15:Search Engines

These eight sites are great places to search for whatever you are looking for.

1. WolframAlpha
This search engine is not commonly known. I have never heard of it till I was assigned this project. I wish I would have known about it sooner it would have made all of my math classes easier. In the search bar you can put in an equation and it will sole the problem for you. It doesn't only do math problems, it will also search the web for other things you need and will show you detail unlike other search engines.
2. Yahoo
Yahoo is a very common website to search. Several People use this site for their email address. It has many other choices like the weather, sports, dating, and several other categories to click on. On the main homepage it constantly has different news articles sliding by. You can search this site for pictures as well. Most would compare this search engine to Google.
3. Chacha
Chacha is a website that you can ask it anything. You could ask it the most random questions and it can usually give you an accurate answer. You can also text Chacha any question and they will text you back with an answer. The only bummer to this is you only get a limited amount of questions you can ask a week.
4. Ask
Ask is a fairly well known search engine. It has an auto fill search bar. It has a tab to search for pictures, as well as a tab for read up on the news. It is a very simple and easy to work site.
5. Bing
Bing is a very well known search engine, almost as popular as Google. Several people have this site as their home page. A lot of people have this cause it is an easy access to the popular email address MSN. There is a auto fill search bar to search the web and images.
6. DuckDuckGo
DuckDuckGo is a very simple search engine. It has an auto fill search bar. This site does not track your history, which can be a good or bad thing.
7. Monster
Monster is a search engine to help people search for jobs. It gives you three auto fill search bars. The first auto fill is for job titles. The second is for keywords or company names. The last one is for your city, state, or zip code.
8. Dogiple
This search engine is simple to work. It has an search auto fill. This website also has its own app you can download to your smartphone. Dogpile gives you seven different categories to help you find your search. It gives you "resent fetches" to see what is trending.

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