Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post 5: Personal Learning Networks

I have never heard of Personal Learning Networks before; but, upon my research I found out how easy they are to learn as well as how helpful they are. Personal learning networks are a quality list of set people and tools that you can call upon for help. It is those people, places, organizations, and activities which will enable you to learn. Watching the YouTube video Welcome to My PLE! was really cool and helped me to understand more about PLN's. PLN's are great because they are worldwide and are usually free. If not free most PLN are very cheap. PLN's are all over, you may be using one and not even realize it. Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube are all considered PLN's. PLN's can help you with teaching, you can connect with others and see how they are teaching the lesson, or even watch videos on how they teach their lesson.

Picutre of different word ideas jumbled together.


  1. I had never heard of a PLN either! But, you're totally right, we've been using them all along through Facebook, Twitter, and other social medias. I did a little bit of research and was able to find a few others that could help us as future educators. There really is a whole new world of information out there for us to utilize, we just have to go and find it.

  2. "If not free most PLN are very cheap." Where is the expense? Are you talking about software? Peopleare the core of PLNs.