Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Post #11

Teacher using their smartboard

Back to the Future

This video was very interesting, you could tell that Mr. Brian was really into teaching his class. He went over several fun prepared lessons that he has done with his class. One of my favorite activities he showed us was the balloon going into space. I learned that you can have one main focus and cover many subjects. He used the subject language by having the kids pretend they were the balloon, and then write about your trip up to space as the balloon. He covered the subject science by demonstrating how far the balloon will go into space with the camera.

Blended Learning Cycle

In this video Paul Anderson talks about how he uses the blended learning cycle in his own classroom. By using the blended learning cycle he brings online, classroom, and mobile teaching together. I also learned what the five E's were. Engage, explore, explain, expand, and evaluate. They are also known as the learning cycle, according to Mr. Anderson.

Super Digital Citizen

I enjoyed watching this video very much. The teacher, Sam Pane, made class fun and interesting for his fourth grade class. He found a way to get the students attention, and also at the same taught his lesson plan. Teaching students about the internet and teaching them to be aware of viruses on there is very important.

Project Based Learning

In this short five minute video, Al Wandler a history teacher, explains how he and two other teachers come together to make a collaborative PBL project. I think that is a great idea. I could see myself doing something like this in my classroom.

Roosevelt Elementary's PBL program

In this ten minute video, they go into depth explaining what a PBL project is. They explain how the teachers come together and meet to come up with different ideas for PBL projects. Also, I learned one or two more things about why teachers should use project based learning in their classroom. I really liked how they pointed out that it gets students out of their seat, and they can get more involved.


  1. Macy,
    I also liked how Mr.Brian used one topic, but covered several subjects. Especially since now science and history are integrated subjects and do not have their own set time.