Sunday, November 9, 2014

C4T #3 Summary

My first teacher to comment on was John Spencer. His post was titled "Seven Children's Shows That Would Be Terrifying As Reality Shows." In his post he recognized seven different children's shows that would make a big difference if they were turned into reality shows. He pointed out how they could be scary, depressing, or weird if they were to be turned into a reality television show. I commented and said how I have never thought about a child's television show being like that.

My final comment for this months comments was again with Mr. John Spencer. In this blog, he explains how he was a good drawer growing up, but as he got older he was nervous and not confident with himself and his drawings. He told about how he use to doodle just for fun, but he would never call himself an artist. Finally, he stared posting his drawings to his blog, Twitter, and even Instagram. Below is one of Mr. Spencer's "doodle" drawings.

A picture John Spencer drew himself

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