Tuesday, November 18, 2014

C4K summary for November

The first student I was assigned to comment on was Alyssab. Alyssab is from St. Louis. She is currently in Mrs. Akerson fifth grade class. Alyssab blog post was a comparison between an iPhone and animals. She showed the difference between the structures, functions, and symmetry of both. I commented and told her how much I really enjoyed her blog. I also said that that was very observant and a creative observation.

Below is Alyssab's classification tree:

A picture of portable and nonportable devices

For my number nine comment for kids, I was assigned to Savannah S. Savannah is a fifth grader in Mrs. Mena's class. She is from Chula Vista, CA. Savannahs blog title was "Homework folder problem/solution". She explained that if you forget your homework folder you should log onto Edmodo and ask if someone can post the homework. I commented back and told her that that was a great idea. Also, that I wish we had that in my elementary days, because it seems very helpful.

My final comment for kids was Ayleen G. Ayleen is a fifth grader from Chula Vista, CA. She attends Camarena Elementary School, and is in Mrs. Mena's class. Ayleen's post was about Veterans Day. She explained how she was thankful for this day. I commented back to her and said that I was thankful for it as well. I explained how my grandfather was a veteran, and that it was a very good post.

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