Saturday, November 29, 2014

C4T Summary #4

The last two comment for teachers we got to choose our teacher. The first week I chose Mrs. Cathy Jo Nelson. Mrs. Nelson is a media specialist. Her post was a video about how library's are so important to schools now. She explained how much libraries have changed. They don't just have books and computers to use, but now they have iPads and smart boards as well. My comment to Mrs. Nelson was that I really enjoyed her video. I also said that I wished libraries were updated as much as they are now, compared to when I was in school.

Librarians using iPads

For my final C4T I commented on Mr. Eric Langhorst, a history teacher. Mr. Langhorst posted a beautiful pictures of a sod house in Nebraska with the sunset in the background. I commented on his post and said how much I enjoyed his blog. I explained how I was a big nature and scenery person.

A sod house with a beautiful sunset in the background

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