Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post #10

Little girl working on a laptop

Little Kids... Big Potential

This video was really neat and interesting to watch. The video is short and the music was great, it kept my attention well. Having to turn things in on a blog is a great idea for the classroom. Students more than likely work harder knowing their work will be put up online and the entire world will be able to see it. The Wiki tool is a very interesting tool that I could see myself using in my classroom. The Wiki tool was a site, that you could go to and learn different peoples rituals.

The following are the three parts are interviews between Dr. Strange and Mrs. Cassidy.

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
Interview Part 3

I learned and took several notes while watching the three interviews. One of the things she stated was that we can piggy back off of each other. This is not stealing peoples ideas. when you put something or an idea on line it becomes available for anyone to see or use. When Mrs. Cassidy was asked how does she keep her students safe on the internet, she answered "I tell my students not to put their last names on their post. Also, not to post pictures of themselves online." Those are two very good points to tell your students whether you have them blog or not. Finally, she made a point about physical education, she gave an example of how to inform students to let the know if they would have practice or not. She explained that you could have a page or a blog that you updated for students telling the students if the gym would be open that day or if their practice would be cancelled or that the practice time has changed.

Screen shot of Mrs Cassidys Blog homepage


  1. Macy, you did a good job summarizing Cassidy's videos. I agree that students will work harder knowing their work is visible to a larger audience online. I think that you could share your thoughts and feelings more, rather than just summarizing.
    Keep up the good work