Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.

I think that kids, teens, young adults, and even adults spend to much time worrying about their smartphone and way to many hours of the day than they should. I am defiantly one of the seventy eight percent of people that use their phone more than two hours during the day. Having a camera on your phone is a very easy and convenient tool to just pull out of your pocket and take a picture.
I think students should be able to take their phones to school but not have them out all the time, only when the teacher allows it. I don't think students should be able to use their phones as calculators or other things like such. Most students would text their friends to find the answers. Also many kids find websites that that can put in their math problem in and it will sole the hole thing out for them and show how to do the work. So what is to stop them from doing this stuff on a test or quiz that that are assigned to?

Assuming all of the students I will teach will have a smartphone or a tablet with a camera on it here are a few things I would do with this in class:
1. We would go outside and take pictures of leaves, and when we come back in the classroom and compare them to see what type of leaves we have.
2. You could take a field trip to the zoo or the aquarium and get them to take diff pictures of the animals/fish. Then when you get back to the classroom have the kids share their pictures with one another and talk about their pictures.
3. Have a picture scavenger hunt. As the teacher I would have a list of items in the classroom and around the school and I would have the student go around finding certain items.
4. Have students interview someone in the field of their dream job. Let the students video record an interview of them and someone of their choice that they would like to have a job with when they grow up.

Children playing learning games on their iPads

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