Sunday, October 12, 2014

C4T #2

Tweety Bird saying Aww thank you!

One of my Teachers I had to comment on was a second grade elementary teacher. He also has a daughter who is in kindergarten. His blog post was about how his little girl was sent home with a reading log. He went on to explain how he was so surprised that they were already starting readers log so young of age. My comment to him was how I remember being sent home with readers logs to. Also, that I remembered going home and having to read for at least thirty minutes with my mom or day every night, and then get them to sign off on my log sheet. Finally, I told him to have fun with it and wished him good luck.

My other teacher I was assigned to comment on was Mr. Ross Wickens. His post was very short and sweet. He had working links going to articles that were very interesting to read. My Comment was to Mr. Wickens was that I liked how he was constantly searching for new ideas. I also commented on how I enjoyed his different way of teaching methods, and I liked seeing how different teachers teach.

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