Sunday, October 26, 2014

C4K summary for October

During week four I was assigned to comment on a student named Nicolas. Nicolas is a from Texas, and is in Mrs. Morgan's second grade class. Nicolas posted a very artistic painting of a lava mountain that he made himself. My comment to him was about how wonderful and creative his picture was. I also told him I was impressed. Below is the lava mountain Nicolas drew.

Lava Mountain

Week five of student commenting I commented on a student named Zaya. She is a seventh grader from Madison, Wisconsin, currently in Mrs.Ripp's class. Zaya's post was very good, a few grammar problems but I understood it and she went into very good detail about it all. Her post was about having to get her two bottom teeth pulled. Also, her second paragraph was about having to get braces put on. I commented back telling her she was brave. I told her I understood everything she was talking about because I have had braces before, and told her some stories of my experiences about my time with braces.

Week six I was assigned to a student named Gavin, a third grader in Mrs. Essenburg's class. Gavin is all the way from Michigan. Gavin's post was a good little paragraph titled All about me. Gavin simply explained his family and a few things he liked to do. I commented back and told him he had a great post. I also mentioned to him a few things about my family and explained how I like to play sports as well.

Week seven I commented on a student named Elizabeth. Elizabeth is from Pt. England School Auckland, New Zealand. She is a sixth grader in Mrs. Somerville's class. Elizabeth posted a blog about the movie Divergent. What are the odds that this is one of my top ten favorite movies. I commented and told her that, I also told her that I liked her pictures she used. Finally I complimented her on how well she explained each of the groups in the movie and that it was a fabulous post.

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