Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blog Post 8

Randy Pausch

When I clicked the link to watch the YouTube video Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams and then saw that it was an hour long I dreaded watching the video. Though within the first ten minutes I had my full attention to watching the video. I really enjoyed the video. It really made me stop and think about the question what can we learn from him.
He talked about several little things that stuck out and made me think about things in life. For instance, when he said "When someone tells you what you're doing wrong instead of letting you keep doing it wrong means they care." Right after he said that, one thing popped in my head, the volleyball team I coach. I can tell them that they're doing something wrong with their arm swing a million times. I don't do this because I'm mad at them, I do it because I care about them and want them to fix it so it will make them a better player. We learn who really wants it, when he made the comment "brick walls stop the people who don't want it bad enough," I can learn from this because just doing the work won't get you through, you have to be involve, prove, and show how bad you want whatever it is your trying to accomplish.


  1. Hi Macy! I think that you brought up some good points in your blog post about Randy Pausch's lecture. I can agree with your comment on not giving up on the volleyball team that you coach. I had to do the same thing with my team that I was the lead over. The point that stood out the most for me in Randy's lecture was when he talked about how he gave the students in his class a project and put very little stipulations on what they could do. The results that he received was amazing. The students had far surpassed what he believed they could do. It's really important not to limit what the students can do and Randy did just that. I found that statement to be very powerful. It was my favorite part in the whole lecture. I found a really neat list online about Ten Classroom Creativity Killers that gives us some good tips on what not to do in the classroom. Also, make sure to check for corrections.
    In the first paragraph, "It really made me stop and thing" should be "It really made me stop and think."
    At the end of the second paragraph, "your" should be "you're." Other than those errors, good post!

  2. A start. What about head fakes, raising the bar, project based learning, have fun, childlike wonder, learning from experience, asking for advice from peers and PLN, staying curious, being a life long learner?